Dec 30, 2013

South Sudan war for dummies: the TWO basic facts

Sudan's borders were drawn by the "british empire" accordingly to the tactics to "divide and rule" and "set christians under muslim control wherever possible".
Underlying illuminati agendas: global slavery, genocide of christians.

South Sudan: Armed struggle for independence 
Black population, majority christians, fighting the military of Sudan, muslims executing orders from an illuminazi puppet dressed as "muslim fundamentalist":
It lasted for decades, during which the media concealed that south sudanese were victims of genocide and the UN claimed that Sudan's military was not an occupying force, although it came from a different region with a different race and religion.

2011: South Sudan first country to break-out of the chains of artificial colonial borders.
The main reason why the illuminati didn't directly military intervene to prevent this milestone: they were ready to that they apply the classic neo-colonial trick, used when their former colonies became formally independent.
In other words: to have a puppet play president of the new country. 
But that was not an easy task after decades of fight for freedom.
No wonder that it took less than 3 years for the global IV Reich army to enter South Sudan.
The same mercenary army sent years earlier to neighboring Congo to protect puppet Kabila and months earlier to neighboring Central African Republic to supervise the first genocide of christians in a country where they are the majority.

South Sudan war for dummies the TWO basic facts
Illuminati puppet Salva Kiir now backed by 10,000 foreign mercenaries, mostly from muslim countries (under the guise of UN peacekeepers) vs south sudanese patriots lead by Riek Machar.

How illuminati media serves the two basic facts
1.Traitors vs patriots served as ethnic conflict
In 2011 the army said that the Nuer youths would fight until all the Murle — another tribe — had been killed.[1]
Same lie as Illuminati media, as always portaying the fight between illuminati puppets and freedom fighters as "between the country's two main ethnic groups". [2]

2.IV Reich mercenaries v patriots served as "UN peacekeepers and military of neigboring countries in a humanitarian mission"
"South Sudan's neighbors threaten to step in to end fighting" [3] translated:
illuminati order puppets of Kenya and Ethiopia to enter South Sudan [3] .
In other words: have South Sudan enter the second stage of WW3: foreign mercenaries on the ground implementing the genocide, following the first stage of air bombings against civilians. 

Example of what the illuminati puppets do:
The largest land deal in South Sudan to date was negotiated between a Dallas, Texas-based firm, Nile Trading and Development Inc. (NTD) and Mukaya Payam Cooperative in March 2008. 
The 49-year land lease of 600,000 hectares (with a possibility of 400,000 additional hectares) for 75,000 Sudanese Pounds (equivalent to approximately USD 25,000), allows NTD full rights to exploit all natural resources in the leased land.

[1] Dec 28, 2013: How illuminati portrays the "White Army" of 25,000 fighters resisting the genocidal puppet taking orders from the illuminati:

[2] Dec 19, 2013: South Sudan rebels take Bor town after 'coup attempt'

[3] Dec 27, 2013: South Sudan's neighbors threaten to step in to end fighting

Jul 2014: genocide carried out by Kir's butchers backed by "UN peacekeepers" now ongoing for 8 months.
BBC news link in second footnote shows a photo of refugees at the UN compound at the capital, Juba.
By now most if not all of them were slaughtered by the teamwork of Neo-Gestapo of puppet Salva Kiir and the very same "UN peacekeepers" they thought that would save their lives. 
One more basic fact:
Jan 2014: Illuminati set a second milestone in South Sudan, again related to "UN peacekeepers"
UN "refugee camps": compulsory ethnicity declaration: in plain sight.
From Rwanda 1994 to South Sudan 2014:
Roundup based on an ethnic mark: extended from puppet goverments to the global military branch of the IV Reich dressed as UN peacekeepers.
No wonder: the role of the "blue helmets"was upscaled from "innocent bystanders" in Rwanda to participation in the South Sudan genocide, 20 years later.

You're paying to bomb around the world before yourself gets bombed by the one and only master.
World War III is as simple as this: illuminati air bombing 99% of the population:
ALL THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 massive chemical attacks:

COMPLETE LIST of illuminati TV 'news' stations: know EACH and EVERY television broadcaster selling nothing but LIES

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Dec 29, 2013

CHINA: Organ Harvesting from slaves - HORRIBLE TRUTH - what illuminati puppets are doing to chinese

CHINA traitors: HORRIBLE TRUTH: what illuminati puppets are doing to chinese
Roles of chinese illuminati puppets playng leaders of the communist party include:

1. Hundreds of millions behind bars 65 hours a week in factories as slaves.

2. Tens of thousands murdered to harvest organs, mostly to be transferred to the USA, EU, Australia, Canada.

As for the hundreds of thousands of chinese sent to USA, EU, Australia, Canada by the chinese illuminati puppets, the TRUTH is NOT less horrible:

3. Hundreds of thousands to be used as powder keg in the supervised race war.

(1) 2012:China Illuminati puppets masscre slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn: Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and US slaves before disarmed

(2) Blogger in China Mentions Organ Harvesting and Is Arrested
In September China’s top judicial authorities issued new regulations according to which someone may be jailed if a blog post is forwarded more than 500 times. 
The broadly worded regulations criminalize “rumor mongering” in the name of preventing harm “to the social order or the national interests

(3) Feeding the powder keg for the race war:
"China owns you" agenda, in fact means:
- transition to formal slavery for the population of the IV Reich states where it's implemented, from USA to Portugal; 
- ritual sacrifice for the chinese that the "communist" puppets were orderd to send to other areas of the IV Reich, particularly to the EU.
They will be, within weeks and together with blacks, the first targets, once the illuminati will launch the race war in the USA and EU.

Organ harvesting: basic fact about China and Kosovo but NOT about Baghdad gov [or ISIS]

Make no mistake: everything that is now happening in China AND in Syria is coming to the USA and EU in 2014.
The cocktail is additionally introduced by the supervised race war.
You're paying to bomb around the world before yourself gets bombed by the one and only master.
World War III is as simple as this: illuminati air bombing 99% of the population:
**ALL** THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 massive chemical attacks:

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