Dec 29, 2013

CHINA: Organ Harvesting from slaves - HORRIBLE TRUTH - what illuminati puppets are doing to chinese

CHINA traitors: HORRIBLE TRUTH: what illuminati puppets are doing to chinese
Roles of chinese illuminati puppets playng leaders of the communist party include:

1. Hundreds of millions behind bars 65 hours a week in factories as slaves.

2. Tens of thousands murdered to harvest organs, mostly to be transferred to the USA, EU, Australia, Canada.

As for the hundreds of thousands of chinese sent to USA, EU, Australia, Canada by the chinese illuminati puppets, the TRUTH is NOT less horrible:

3. Hundreds of thousands to be used as powder keg in the supervised race war.

(1) 2012:China Illuminati puppets masscre slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn: Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and US slaves before disarmed

(2) Blogger in China Mentions Organ Harvesting and Is Arrested
In September China’s top judicial authorities issued new regulations according to which someone may be jailed if a blog post is forwarded more than 500 times. 
The broadly worded regulations criminalize “rumor mongering” in the name of preventing harm “to the social order or the national interests

(3) Feeding the powder keg for the race war:
"China owns you" agenda, in fact means:
- transition to formal slavery for the population of the IV Reich states where it's implemented, from USA to Portugal; 
- ritual sacrifice for the chinese that the "communist" puppets were orderd to send to other areas of the IV Reich, particularly to the EU.
They will be, within weeks and together with blacks, the first targets, once the illuminati will launch the race war in the USA and EU.

Organ harvesting: basic fact about China and Kosovo but NOT about Baghdad gov [or ISIS]

Make no mistake: everything that is now happening in China AND in Syria is coming to the USA and EU in 2014.
The cocktail is additionally introduced by the supervised race war.
You're paying to bomb around the world before yourself gets bombed by the one and only master.
World War III is as simple as this: illuminati air bombing 99% of the population:
**ALL** THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 massive chemical attacks:

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